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Hello! I'm Zoe Weir, a graphic designer, illustrator, maker and all-round design devotee. I'm obsessed with making pretty things; my intent is to make objects to be coveted and I'm SO excited to be able to share them with you. The Pretty Zoo jewellery collection combines fine materials with illustration to evoke the old-world. An era of collections, cabinets and curiosities. All of the illustrations are my own work, and all pendants are hung on gorgeous antique bronze Mother & Son style chain

We Were Explorers Pendants: The little wooden frames are custom designed by myself, and cut in Berlin. They are stained with a lovely, rich wood colour by hand, and allow special details of the woods surface to show through. These are hand pieced together, so tones and depths may vary. The illustrations are set under quality glass domes which measure 30 x 40mm, so the frame sizes vary a little larger than that.

Porcelain Cameo Pendants: These large porcelain domes measure 40 x 30mm and are set into high quality antique bronze filigree edge settings. My illustrations are applied to the porcelain and sealed with a matt lacquer, several times over.

Hot Air Balloon Pendants: These pendants feature 4 different illustrated hot air balloon designs. The illustrations are set in antique bronze round frames and sealed under a high quality 30mm round glass dome. You get to choose what hangs below- a sweet bunny in a basket or a cute little bucket charm.

Original Patterns: These pendants are one of a kind- I draw a pattern with black ink and set it under glass in a wooden frame. No-one else will ever get the same pattern as you, as I use the original drawing!

I'm constantly thinking of new designs and special projects so keep in the loop at my blog Pretty Zoo and on Facebook if you like!
I also have an Etsy Store , but will list products in this store first. One of a kind products will only be listed in this store.


All photographs are property of Zoe Weir. Any unauthorized use or reproductions are strictly prohibited. If you would like to use any pictures please feel free to email me!